TeamAlumni & Former Staff

Technical Staff

Galina Katsev

Ph.D. Students

Natali Levi
2021   Now at: Lecturer. Ort Braude Academic College, Karmiel. 
Arieh Bibliowicz
2017    "OPP - the Object-Process Programming language"   Now at: Microsoft Israel R&D
Yaniv Mordecai
2016    "Model-Based Robust Systems Engineering: Integrating Disruption into Conceptual Models of Complex Systems with Object-Process Methodology. Received “Outstanding SMCS PhD Diploma Work on Systems Science & Engineering” from IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society"   Now at: Amazon, Leading Innovation and Performance through Applied Research on Systems, Technology, and Operations
Ori Orhof
2015    "Critical Components Analysis – A Framework for Planning Sub-project Contingencies in Large, Complex Projects."   Now at: Orhof Consulting, Consultancy for large and complex projects management at Orhof Consulting. Lecturer of complex projects management courses.
Dr Judith Somekh
2013    "OPM-based biological systems modeling. Secondary Advisor: Dr. Mordechai Choder. Won MOS Scholarship for Women, 2010-11"   Now at: Lecturer, University of Haifa, Department of Information Systems
Alexander Blekhman
    "Ph.D. 2013. Model-Based Documents Authoring with Object-Process Methodology."   Now at: Technology and Maintenance, Head of Technology and Innovation Section at Technology and Maintenance
Valeria Perelman
2012    "Reverse Engineering of Java Code to an OPM Model"   Now at: Awz Ventures Inc, Technology Partner
Amira Sharon
2010    "A unifying model-based framework for Project and Product Lifecycle."   
Dizza Beimel
2008    "Situation-Based Access Control: Privacy Management via Modeling of Scenarios of Access to Patient Data."    Co-advisor: Prof Mor Peleg   Now at: Dept. of Computer and Information Sciences, Ruppin Academic Center, Israel, Senior Lecturer
Avi Soffer
2008    "Bridging information gaps in OPM-based system development."   Now at: Senior lecturer, Software and Systems Engineering. Braude Academic college of engineering.
Eran Toch
2008    Co-advisor: Prof. Iris Reinhartz-Berger   Now at: Tel Aviv University, Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty member
Shalom Cohen
2007    "A multi-tier system development life cycle model for information system products with market and organizational effects. Second Advisor: Prof. Uzi de Haan"   Now at: Senior Systems Engineer, Intel, Israel.
Arnon Sturm
2004   Now at: Associate Professor at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
Dagan Gilat
2003    "Extending Object-Process Methodology for Simulation of Discrete Events."   Now at: Founder at Plantago
Iris Reinhartz-Berger
2003    "Developing Web Applications with Object-Oriented Methods and Object-Process Methodology (with Prof. Shmuel Katz – Second Advisor). "   Now at: Senior Lecturer, Haifa University, Israel.
Pnina Soffer
2002    "A Methodology for Adapting an ERP System to the Needs of an Enterprise (with Prof. Boaz Golany – Primary Advisor). "   Now at: Assoc. Professor, Haifa University, Israel.
Mor Peleg
1999    "Modeling System Dynamics through the Object-Process Methodology. Won Wolf Prize for 1997."   Now at: Director at Data Science Research Center at the University of Haifa
Miri Weiss
1998    "Graph-Theoretic 3D Objects Reconstruction from 2-D Engineering Drawings"   Now at: Senior Lecturer, Braude College of Engineering, Karmiel, Israel
Liu Wenyin
1998    "Algorithms for 2D Engineering Drawings Recognition: Implementation and Evaluation. Won Special Excellence Gutwirt Award 1997."   Now at: Faculty, City University of Hong Kong. Guangdong University of Technology, Microsoft Research China, Tsinghua.
Menachem Alon-Domb
1996    "A Generic Framework for Definition and Implementation of Cooperative Information Systems"    Co-advisor: Assoc. Professor, Ashkelon Academic College, Ashkelon, Israel.    
Avigdor Gal
1995    "TALE – a Temporal Active Language and Execution Model. Primary Advisor: Dr. Opher Etzion."   Now at: Professor, Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management, Technion.

M.Sc. Students

Keren Or Greenberg
2021    "Incorporating System Dynamics into OPM for Improved Model Analysis. "   
Gil Sobol
2020    "Incorporating Design Structure Matrix into OPM for Improved Model Analysis."   Now at: A Porsche Company, Consultant at MHP
Yang Gao
2020    "Multilingual Textual Representation in Object-Process Methodology."   Now at: Shengjing Peakview (Israel) Ltd., Business strategy consulting & FOF investment
Danny Medvedev
2020    "OPM Model Insights – A Graph-Theoretic Querying Approach."   Now at: EMEA at Intel Corporation, IT / HPC Infrastructure - Compute & Storage - Regional Manager
Inbar Zigdon
2017    "Quantifying model informativity."   Now at: Kinneret, Northern, Israel, Algorithm Engineer
Yongkai Eugene Yang
    "Development, and Evaluation of Electronic Procedures and Automation of Procedures for Astronaut Crews."   
Jason Casebolt
    "Model-based Quality Assurance Business Processes at Boeing."   Now at: Boeing, Operations & Quality Leader
Somwang Thipphayathetthana
    "Model-Based Guidelines for User-Centric Satellite Control Software Development"   Now at: VP ICT at INTEQC Group
Greg Wilmer
    "OPM Model-Based Integration of Multiple Data Repositories"   
Juan Manuel Quezada
    "Model-Based Guidelines for Automotive Electronic Systems Software Development"   
Shmuela Jacobs
2014   Now at: Web Development Consultant and Trainer, Founder-CEO @ ngGirls, Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies & Angular
Sergey Bolshchikov
2013    "Creating a Spatio-Temporal Dynamic Model from an Object-Process Methodology Based Model."   Now at: Tipalti, Director Of Engineering
Aharon Renick
2013    "Incorporating Quantitative Aspects into OPM-based Conceptual Models with MATLAB Computational Capabilities."   Now at: Systems Engineer
Sergey Nemirovsky
2010    "Systems View of Commercial Organizations’ Evolution"   Now at: Metrum Research Group, Senior Director, Systems and Security
David Amid
2008    "OPM-based Requirements Engineering. Primary Advisor: Dr. Iris Reinhartz-Berger."   Now at: IBM, Technical Lead, Watson Assistant
Yevgeny Yaroker
2008    "Animated Simulation with Object-Process Methodology"   Now at: IBM, Software Engineer
Yariv Grobshtein
    "Generating SysML Diagrams from an OPM Model."   Now at: Software Team Leader, GE Healthcare
Sergey Kozyrev
2008    "Developing and Assessing a Methodology for Semantic Web-Based Virtual Expeditions. Primary Advisor: Dr. Miriam Barak"   Now at: SAP Project Manager
Galia Schlesinger
2007    "Analyzing Object-Oriented Design Patterns from an Object-Process Viewpoint. Second Advisor: Dr. Iris Reinhartz-Berger."   
Roman Feldman
2006    "Designing Data Warehouses with Object Process Methodology. Second Advisor: Dr. Arnon Sturm. "   Now at: SAP, Principal Solution Architect, Defense and Security
Nathan Soderborg
2002   Now at: Exponent, Quality Systems and Statistical Engineering Advisor
Benjamin Koo
2001   Now at: Asst. Prof, Dept. of Industrial Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.
Inessa Vigendat
1998    "A CAD-based Vision System for Recognition of Objects in an Automated Warehouse. "   
Uzi Avigdor
1998    "A CAD-based Vision System for Recognition of Objects in an Automated Warehouse. "   
Moshe Goodman
1996    "The Object-Process Paradigm as a Common Methodology for Analysis, Design and Implementation of Information Systems. Won Special Excellence Guttwirt Award 1996"   Now at: Matrix, Financial Systems Analyst
Elena Zilberstein (Velkovitch)
1995    "Segmentation and Recognition of Dimensioning Text from Engineering Drawings. "   
Gustavo Gambach
1994    "Edge Detection and Parameter Estimation from Spine Radiographs"   Now at: Media Forest Group, President & CEO
Erez Tatcher
1993    "Selective Multiple Inheritance in Systems Analysis"   Now at: AgileSparks, Manager, Consultant, Entrepreneur
Ilan Atlas
    "Diet Planning for Gestational Diabetic Patients: an Algorithm and its Implementation, 1993"   Now at: Makif Yod Alef - Rishonim, Head of Systems Engineering Studies
Joseph Dowell
Yubin Liang
Ian Chai
1990   Now at: Faculty at Multimedia University, Cyberjaya Selangor, Malaysia.
Christine Miyachi
2001    "Modeling the Capability Maturity Model with Object-Process Methodology"   

OPCloud Developers

Amit Linhard
Daniel Gluskin
   Now at: Celsius Network, Backend Developer
Alon Ofir
   Now at: Palo Alto Networks, Sr Staff Engineer Software

Student Positions

Yael Grunzweig


Dr. Markus Junginger
    "Project Title Project Title Project Title"   Now at: DRÄXLMAIER Group, Car Guy, CTO, Member of the Executive Board
Stephan Marwedel
    "Project Title Project Title"    Co-advisor: Prof. Moshe Moshe   Now at: Airbus, Technical Expert
Hailong Wei
2017    "Project Title Project Title Project Title Project Title Project Title Project Title"   Now at: Intel Israel