Dr. Niva Wengrowicz
Photo of Dr. Niva Wengrowicz
Researcher and Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Research interests:

  • alternative assessment in technology-enhanced learning environments especially in higher education
  • engineering education, system thinking and model-based systems engineering (MBSE)
  • student collaboration in project-based learning (PBL) environments
  • teachers’ technological change process

2012 – Ph.D., Education-Educational Technology, Bar Ilan University, Israel
2008 – M.A., Education-Educational Technology, summa cum laude, Bar Ilan University, Israel
2002 – M.B.A., Tel Aviv University, Israel
1998 – B.A., Computer Science and Education, Bar Ilan University, Israel

Connection between educational goals and teaching style and the feeling of transactional distance in distance learning environment vs. conventional environment. Bar-Ilan University, 2012. Academic Advisor: Prof. Baruch Offir.

  • Publications:
    Offir, B. & Wengrowicz, N. (2012). Moving from “Flood Our School” to “Islands of Success” — Conception in the Process of Advancing Underprivileged Children. International Journal of Cyber Ethics in Education (IJCEE), 2(1), 35-43. DOI
  • Wengrowicz, N. & Offir, B. (2013). Teachers’ Perception of Transactional Distance in Different Teaching Environments. American Journal of Distance Education(AJDE), 27(2), 111-121. DOI (Based on CABELL’s lists AJDE acceptance rate is 11-20%)
  • Wengrowicz, N. (2014). Teachers’ Pedagogical Change Mechanism – Pattern of Structural Relations between Teachers’ Pedagogical Characteristics and Teachers’ Perceptions of Transactional Distance (TTD) in Different Teaching Environments. Computers & Education, 76(C), 190-198. DOI (Journal IF=2.775, 5-year IF= 3.305; ranked 7 of 219 in Education & Education Research)
  • Wengrowicz, N., Dori, Y.J., & Dori, D. (2014). Transactional Distance in an Undergraduate Project-based Systems Modeling Course. Knowledge-Based Systems, 71, 41-51. DOI (Journal IF=4.104, 5-year IF= 3.371; ranked 16 of 118 in Artificial Intelligence)
  • Bolshchikov, S., Somekh, J., Mazor, S., Wengrowicz, N., Choder, M., & Dori, D. (2015). Visualizing the Dynamics of Conceptual Behavior Models: The Vivid OPM Scene Player. Systems Engineering,18(5), 431-440. DOI
    (Journal IF=0.656)
  • Swart, W., Wengrowicz, N., & Wuensch, K. L. (2015) Using Transactional Distances to Explore Student Satisfaction with Group Collaboration in Flipped Learning. International Journal of Information and Operations Management Education, 6(1), 24-48. (Based on CABELL’s lists IJIOME acceptance rate is 11-20%)
  • Dori, D., Renick, A., & Wengrowicz, N. (2015). When Quantitative Meets Qualitative: Enhancing OPM Conceptual Systems Modeling with MATLAB Computational Capabilities. Research in Engineering Design. DOI (Journal IF=1.233)
  • Wengrowicz, N., Dori, Y.J., & Dori, D. (2016). Student-Oriented Meta-Assessment in a Project-Based Systems Engineering Course. Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education. DOI . (5-year IF=1.243).